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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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we have new video in tonight from the storms that caused the tornado. we called the national weather
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damage is bad enough it could send out a survey team to find out if this was the work of a tornado. we have the weather for tomorrow. let's start with "news4" darcy spencer. she's leave. >> we're waiting for the national weather service to weigh in on that. right here we're at sudley road. up there is lee highway. until a few minutes ago this road was closed. we begin a report tonight with a vacation that had to take a detour. it's a vacation delayed, a couple who had just hit the road in their rv found themselves in the middle of a severe storm. a tree toppled right on top of them. what was it like at the moment when this thing is coming
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me, there was nothing i could do about it. when the lord say it's my day, it's my day. >> reporter: once the storm hit, the couple was trapped in the rv until the fire department came to free them. >> if they would have sawed the limns off, i would have duct taped it and went on vacation. >> reporter: in manassas there was a water rescue at sudley road, a driver stranded in floodwaters. ian mcnaught was at home when the storm rolled through. he grabbed his dog and ran into a bathroom. >> we waited and the whole house was shaking. we waited for the tornado to pass and i went out and checked on my neighbors. it looks like we're getting
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>> reporter: a police used a chainsaw to remove the tree off from the top of the rv. they were able to get back in and drive away with one vacation story to tell for years to come. we have thousands of people without power tonight. that couple is definitely taking their vacation. they were able to take their rv. >> you've got to love a guy who solves problems with duct tape. where can we find that guy. thanks, darcy. the weather threat not over yet. more rain is on the radar tonight and in to tomorrow. let's check in with our meteorologist amelia
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on the latest watches and warnings across the area. a flash flood in effect. then question move on into parts of charles county, calvert, and the most northern part where a flash flood warning is in effect until 1:45 in the morning. then we head to the west. under a flood warning until 4:15 in the morning. i'm still tracking very heavy areas of rain. you can see it coming back on line thankfully. you can see rainfall rates of over 2 inches per hour on the radar. now the good news is the tran is mainly south of 66 or i should say north of 66 at this point. this is now slowly heading out of here toward the east-northeast, wendy. we will get a break in early tomorrow morning. after that, more rain again.
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timing and impacts coming up in my full weather coming at about 11:18. >> thanks amelia. we have an update on the all white right national list rally. one group carrying torches and shouting things like white lives matter. the other group protesting tomorrow's rally. these are still photos from our sister station at wvir, and they are reporting that the uva police declared this torch lit march an unlawful assembly. they started breaking up groups. charlottesville's mayor said he's beyond disgusted at this display. they're protesting at the right to hold the rally tomorrow. citing safety
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the city had ordered the rally moved to another location. the activists sued. tonight they won. it was sparked by charlottesville decision to move the statue of robert e. lee from emancipation park and heavy police presence is expected at the rally tomorrow. also breaking tonight, a judge has thrown out the lawsuit that was filed against pop star taylor swift by the denver deejay named mueller. mueller claimed she intentionally got him fired by accusing him of groping her in 2013. the judge said mueller didn't prove his case, so the jury will not even consider it. jurors will deliberate over similar accusations that mueller made against swift's mother and the person that is her radio e liais liaison, they will also consider swift's countersuit. she countersued for $1
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she wanted to stand up for women. drinking water isn't so clear anymore in montgomery county, but it is safe to see. you'll notice it if it goes through the potomac water treatment plant. the bottom line, you may notice the discoloration and it could last for several weeks. but, again, the wssc says the water is safe to drink if it is not aesthetically pleasing. a d.c. woman should be planning for college but instead she's in the hospital. she drove her car in the path of a bullet that was intended for someone else. as "news4's" shomari stone reports, they're not done. >> reporter: d.c. police chief
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tragedy. she was just ten days away from starting her college career, the daughter of a d.c. police sergeant is in critical condition. >> i have spoken to the family. as you can imagine, they're devastated. >> police say she was an innocent bystander shot in the head while driving through the intersection of saratoga and northeast thursday afternoon. friday night just two miles away in a separate shooting, a woman tells me she heard several shots fired on the 1900 block of bennett place northeast. >> pow, pow, pow, pow. >> reporter: law enforcement tells me a man was shot in the leg. richard hogar is a landlord in the neighborhood. he's tired of gun violence. >> it's not worth it to decimate someone's physical ability. >> reporter: d.c. police are still searching for the shooter
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still need finding two other suspects. tonight a local community playing for its police chief. dennis martin is in the hospital. the driver did stay on the scene and witnesses did come to help. the crash itself is still under investigation. martin, by the way, is 28 years old. he's the youngest police chief in that county. a quick thinking contractor rescued two people from a burned building in alexandria today. cell phone video showed flames shooting out of a third story window of this condo. edward perata heard screams. he kicked down the door and saved a man and his elderly mother. >> you couldn't see inside. there was a
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everywhere. i didn't want to leave her behind. >> perata said he could not leave the mother behind inside. that family is in the hospital this evening recovering from smoke inhalation. the newest candidate for governor for maryland facing question about her eligible to run. she's a former top aide to first lady michelle obama. she is registered to vote in maryland but voted multiple times in the district. "news4's" tom sherwood asked her about that on the cojo show today. >> why did you vote in d.c.? >> in terms of the requirements to run in maryland, i have been a registered voter for far longer than the five years that is required. >> she wasn't able to answer why she voted in the district when she was registered in district. the maryland state elections board has asked the state attorney gener
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register voter which is required if she ee going to run for governor. the others running -- new video of rats swarming a local animal shelter. >> we're very vigilant about keeping it as absolutely spotless as we can. >> next, what happened when the "news4" i-team showed the video. >> plus,
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this is video that might make you squarm. rodents roaming a local animal shelter. workers became so concerned they reached out to the "news4" i-team to show you what they are facing. complaints are way up. over 3,000 just this year. investigator jodie fleischer shows you this. >> when you walk in the d.c. rescue alliance, these are the regular creatures you usually see. cats and dogs up for adoption, but now shelters are facing a different type of critter. .
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summer. so concerned for safety they started recording the videos. rats scurrying where dogs are kept, crawling along the pipes and along the floor into the dog cages in the evening. >> when people see rats, the first thing people should ask is what are the rats eating. >> he helps cities all over the country combat rats including d.c. and says three things attract them. foot, water, and shelty, making this a huge traffic. >> it's a very unique environmental. lots of dog foot, cad food, crowded situation. rats will smell, mice will smell. cockroaches will smell all that food. >> we showed them video. >> these are large breeding adults. >> he said these are all part of one rat family that can have up to 15 members. >>
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up, it's very difficult to keep them out. it has to be a constant vigilance. >> they're tenacious, and so are we. >> rodents have been a problem inside this building for years and this isn't the worst they've seen. >> we had to remove all the ceilings. >> now they have pest control coming twice a week to collect rats. >> they collect three to five a week. >> they're covering food bins and keeping shelters as clean as possible. >> they find a new hole or make one. it's a challenge. >> reporter: when the i-team visited the shelter for many days, we didn't spot any rats, but they know it will be a battle until they open their new building. >> it's kept safe if the public and employees. we're very vigilant about keeping it.
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bitten did not require a report. they say rats don't carry rabies, but they can be highly destructive and impossible to fight. >> it has to be done. >> smith says they haven't hat these kinds of problems at their oglethorpe location, but that is a new building. we checked with neighboring counties and they haven't had these either. jodie fleischer, the i-team. >> tune in on sunday morning at 11:right after meet the prs for a "news4" i-team special "slipping through the cracks." scott mcfarland will walk us through a year long investigation of teacher misconduct cases and how to talk to kids about abuse. something
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serious, two jackpots worth more than $350. first time that's happened. tonight's mega million numbers are out. if you didn't hit the jackpot tonight, there is always tonight. the power ball jackpot is now at $356 million, and if no one comes 2350come s forward in either of these lottery games this weekend, look at each jackpot to close in on half a bill yub. we could do something with that, couldn't we, amelia? >> yeah. >> how is the weather looking for this weekend? >> tomorrow, with oar going to have rain. on sunday, definitely the better of the two weekend day. take a look alt your weekend headlines. it's not a watchout by any means but the annoying part is the timing is really tricky. usually i can tell you, storms more likely between
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around at any time. thunderstorms will favor the second half of the day. any sunshine could help you feel more severe showers and thunderstorms. strong gusty winds. take a look at your second weather headline. low humidity and increasing sniechblt no extreme heat. not just over the weekend but over the next ten days. you can see this heavy rain in northern calvert county and a lot of lightning down in st. mary's county. still heavier rain. all of this north of 66 and moving out of here. we will give you break tonight on into early tomorrow morning. i'm going to show you future weather. i do think it brings in the rain a little bit early. take a look. i think it has a pretty good handel. notice showers. i don't think they'll be in the district but in southern maryland. as we work our way toward midday, notice theseee
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up. also notice the dry spots. right now at 3:00 on future weather, southern maryland, the northern neck, western maryland back into the panhandle of west virginia looking mainly dry. we ooh going to be look act these hit-and-miss showers and thunderstorms until a cold front moves through around dinnertime. that's when we could see a rumble of thunder and a few storms tomorrow, too. we'll keep you up to date with the latest forecast. and also find it on our washington app. showers east of 95. 71. by lunchtime, we're tracking scattered shower and plenty of clouds. it is muggy tomorrow. a few showers for the afternoon and evening hours. 85 for tomorrow. at 7:00 in the evening, 2 muggy degrees. a weekend outlook. yardwork better on sunday than
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it had better be an indoor party. if you look at the forecast, you definitely want to go on sunday. as we look to sunday, clouds giving way to sunshine, low humidity, 80s. monday, windy, maybe an isolated shower. maybe storms on tuesday. and wednesday and thursday are looking nice. of course, the national weather service looking to see if that indeed was near fauquier county. we're getting a lot of report of damage and a lot of folks thinking it probably was a tornado. >> thanks, amelia. coming
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well, they're still sifting through the tea leaves of that game. george wallace joins us from the csn newsroom. hey, george. >> practice could get a little interesting after the lack luster performance in the preseason game against baltimore. the offense failed to gain a yard on its six plays. a good amount of self-inflicted wounds all the way around. flashes of defense, but overall, not the best of first impressions for the season. to make things worse, trent murphy lost to a torn acr. cravens out due to a knee injury. the night went down early. >> we wanted to start fast. we probably didn't do enough to start fast. we talked in richmond a few days ago, we see difference
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we go through in practice. that was true tonight. we've seen pick stunts and pressures. those, as you can see, gave us a challenge. i think it's wakeup call. it shows us as much as we have been making plays in richmond, i think it's a realization that we've got a long ways to go. and i think that could be a good thing in the long run. it could be the best thing we need right now. >> the nets and giants were supposed to start a weekend series tonight at nats park. the two teams meeting for the first time since the brawl. after the rain, they closed out. second round of the pga championship from quail hollow in charlotte, weather halted play in the afternoon. all eyes on jordan spieth trying to complete the career grand slam but shot
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second straight drea. hits a tree and goes absolutely nowhere. he would, however, save bogey. saves a .203. kevin kisner shared the lead after round one. continued his stellar play today putting from off the green at the par 5 seventh and finds the cup. 467 for kisner and he shared the lead with the third ranked player in the world, hideki y. s jason day sits two shots back. few golfers will have to finish out there second round early tomorrow. phil mickelson. and congratulations to the little league team beating pennsylvania, 14-4 in the mid-atlantic semifinal.
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very quickly on the eastern shore, we have a tornado warning. >> for talbot county. this will go until midnight. the same supercell i've been tracking since 4:00 this afternoon produced a tornado. there you see the radar. i'm going zoom out. a brief break overnight, windy, showers and storms at times tomorrow. >> boy, that is a
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>> yeah. >> thank you for joining us, and have a
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- naomi watts, andy cohen,


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